Gamerzday 2016

Sep. 25, 2016


Anybody wanting to reserve a reservation for gamerzday will have to pay the fee. we are also having a electronic Festival there too. There will be people there that will check and put you in the Category's. There will be many trophies. They're also be Spectators there that would like to possibly buy your invention.(possibly Apple, Microsoft, ect, ect) MetrixOut

Sep. 11, 2016


It will be on April 2017.Anybody wanting to reserve a spot at gamerzday please contact me.My office will be at beca manor.Get authorized tickets at the shop.

Jul. 10, 2016

New domain!!!

Hello guys and today is a good day because we got cool right!!The date is still bieng consulted also get pro tickets on or here under online store.GamerZ OUT.

Gamerzday 2016

Jul. 8, 2016

GamerzDay date being consulted.

Yes it is being consulted.More info comming soon.Buy tickets at